8 large global company websites built using WordPress 

Here are some of the world’s most successful companies that utilise WordPress’ potential to display their services, products, and thought leadership.

A website hosted using WordPress

It is a misconception that WordPress is only useful for super-charging SMEs.

In fact, its scalable capabilities are ideal for larger enterprises too, as well as being secure and flexible content management systems to best display a brand’s excellent content.  

WordPress’ usage potential also works across a range of industries: from business to entertainment to fashion. Here are some of the world’s most successful and famous companies that utilise WordPress’ potential to display their services, products, and thoughts to the wider web community.

BNY Mellon Investment Management

Since Bank of New York and Mellon Financial merged in 2007, its investment arm has grown to become one of the largest asset managers globally. While handling $2.4 trillion AUM as of December 2021, a company of such magnitude needs a great website to service its worldwide client base, and BNY Mellon IM trust WordPress to manage its content.  

Notably, BNY Mellon IM has 68 global sites, with the ability to change the page copy between 7 languages, make their fund library and investment insights available to as many users as possible. Users can navigate to tailored services depending on their geographical location and investment professional background, and make use of a handy client login portal. While fund literature and content can seem like a minefield to an investor starting out, the company makes understanding simple and effective through sleek website design across multiple site instances and jurisdictions.


Bearing similarities to the Microsoft News website – Skype was acquired by Microsoft in 2011 – both are built in WordPress to put their product features at the heart of their web offerings.  

Skype has become an ever-popular service in the wake of the pandemic, connecting people for work and leisurely chats securely. The webpage itself features a large feature image and calls to action to either open the platform in your browser, or a download for new users. A Skype user’s account settings, and abilities to start a video call, are all accessible form the website which seems to emulate the application features itself.

The New York Times 

The name may be misleading: The New York Times does not just serve as a news and opinion site for New Yorkers, it’s used worldwide to dish out the latest breaking news. It averages over 400 million views a month.  

The New York Times’ website uses WordPress to best present its unique look. The font and broadsheet style layout are synonymous with the brand, and is as close to reading a newspaper on an internet browser as you can get. Even its wide array of topical knowledge is presented suitably in a clean top toolbar. 

The Walt Disney Company

As one of the most creative companies, known globally by children and adults alike that grew up with Disney’s thoughtful animation films, there’s a lot of pressure for them to present their content as excellently online.  

Using WordPress, the homepage leaves much of the overbearing magic and sparkle to its theme parks and films themselves; it uses a more minimalist style front-page to present its philanthropic endeavours and business information for investor relations. 

Blog content and company news is presented in a simple block fashion with short images and text, so that the user is not scrolling endlessly.  


Working as a global technology strategy partner to many businesses, Capgemini uses WordPress to host a multi-site instance for its umbrella company and affiliated brands.  

In its migration onto WordPress, Capgemini made use of its flexibility and scalable capabilities to rebuild its website architecture and repopulation of 38 sites and all its housed content – impressive! 

The homepage makes use of expandable images and text, housed in blocks for simplicity, and presents the latest company news and downloadable resources through fast carousel components.  

Sony Music 

Elsewhere, in the music industry, Sony Music Entertainment uses an excellently designed WordPress website to put the power into the user’s hands to discover the best musical artists on their roster, which boasts LCD Soundsystem, Beyoncé, Harry Styles and Bring Me the Horizon, among many other famous faces.  

All the industry news, artist rosters and career vacancies can all be accessed via an extensive – but non-imposing – toolbar, and the site focuses on the music itself through some sliders and CTAs linking to newly released records and collated playlists.  

Popular plugins utilised on this WordPress instance include W3 Total Cache and YOAST for SEO purposes.  


TechCrunch is the one-stop-shop for all the best in technology news. For all tech-heads out there, an easy to use website is top of the agenda, and TechCrunch adhere to that by presenting their homepage in a minimalist style that prioritises loading speed between its vast array of content pages.  

Everything can be accessed from the homepage, with a static side toolbar and the ability to scroll through the latest posts without losing site of the quick links to events, podcasts and advertisement opportunities. 


Vogue – a word that epitomises cool, sophistication and the height of fashion. So how fashionable is the website? Thanks to WordPress, the site reads just as the print magazine, presenting the most pertinent fashion news in a highly clickable scroll bar.  

It allows the ability to change country of residence through a simple drop-down, and its main menu (while taking the whole page) is comprehensive to access links to its subsidiary sites. Its most notable feature is the ability to access every archived print issue of the magazine via the footer – that’s a whole lot of fashion content to house, all handled by WordPress’ hosting power. 

There we have it – much of the biggest brands in the world boasting serious traffic and readership use WordPress for the multitude of benefits.

Although the CMS is a big part of the picture for all of those highlighted, and other enterprise businesses, the hosting of the CMS is just as important. Performance and security can only go so far with a well configured website, and it’s down to the selected hosting service to technically excellent to deliver fast, responsive sites and also to lock the site down for it to be the most secure it can be.

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