Why and how to go Headless with WordPress

Wed 6 March, 2pm GMT
30 mins (+ Q&A)


Modern hosting is easy with WordPress, but what exactly is Headless CMS and how can it work for agencies and client-side teams?

This webinar will discuss the perks of moving to Headless to transform website security, performance and your team’s WebOps efficiency, then explore the different options available to you to benefit related digital functions including campaign management and SEO.

Learning topics:

  • Why to consider Headless WordPress
  • Traditional hosting vs headless: what are the different options?
  • Does Headless change the design, development or support process?
  • Key benefits of Headless on performance, WebOps and security

A Q&A will follow for attendees to field questions to our expert panel. Register for free today!

Key speakers

Stuart Tofts

CEO, Lemon Hive

Rich Watts

Co Founder, SiteBox

Max Matloka

Head of Product, SiteBox

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