The five benefits of going Headless on WordPress with SiteBox

SiteBox can help you go headless on WordPress. Here are five key advantages of this platform to get started today.

Elements of a headless CMS to build a website

A Headless CMS provides an innovative way to build attractive sites that avoid traditional limitations in regards to design and functionality.

With Headless WordPress, all the familiar, high-performing features are unlocked, and can also be used in more modern web architectures including Jamstack. 

SiteBox can help you go Headless on WordPress. Here are five key advantages of this platform to get started today.

1. Added security

Headless WordPress sites using SiteBox leverage low-level server access, which means that only authenticated requests can make changes to your site. This ensures a higher level of security, especially for important assets including sensitive customer information or financial data. Additionally, Headless WordPress sites can help protect against malicious attacks or malware by eliminating the need for plugins and themes which could potentially introduce vulnerabilities.  

2. Enhanced speed

SiteBox hosts its websites on a content delivery network (CDN). Traditionally, some sites may be delivered via a centralised server, slowing speeds. A CDN means the site is served from cloud servers closest to visitors, part of a geographically spaced distribution network of servers, resulting in faster loading times. Content is cached at the edge of the CDN and up-to-date requests are served directly from WordPress core. This significantly reduces page render time, improving performance, and SEO optimisation too. 

3. Saved costs

Ongoing costs that are associated with WordPress (namely updating out-of-date plugins and themes that pose security risks) can add up over time, but are eliminated by Headless websites on WordPress as they don’t require traditional hosting; all WordPress files are stored remotely on a server. 

4. Increased scalability

Websites are organic and should have the ability to grow as greater content gets added. There are no limitations when it comes to scalability on sites built with SiteBox. The WordPress core and its contained content are stored separately, which allows for WordPress sites to handle massive amounts of traffic with ease. This is essential for websites that must reliably serve millions of visitors on a daily basis without fail. 

5. Greater flexibility

Headless architecture opens up a whole, wide range of customisable options, as the site can be built using any JavaScript framework or library such as React, Angular, or Vue. Without the need to write code directly into the WordPress core, updates to sites are easily modifiable, making development cycles quicker and more efficient, even as the platform increases in scope. 

So, if you’re looking for an innovative way to create WordPress sites that have the potential to revolutionise your business, Headless WordPress with SiteBox is the solution for you. Benefitting from all the power of WordPress while taking advantage of modern web technologies like Jamstack and CDNs, SiteBox sites are secure, fast, cost-effective, scalable, and incredibly flexible – allowing for more time to focus on what matters most – creating better customer experiences.  

It’s time to take WordPress to the next level – get in touch with our team to find out more about Headless architecture.