Why WordPress agencies are turning to Gutenberg

Gutenberg has taken the site-building world by storm. Here’s five particular reasons why Gutenberg is revolutionary for WordPress agencies.

A website being developed using the Gutenberg builder

Gutenberg has taken the WordPress world by storm.

Game-changing for its flexibility, it’s a handy tool for agencies to build sites with ease and expanded functionality.  

For anyone unfamiliar with Gutenberg, it is simply an update to WordPress’ original editor, and instead a block-based builder. It’s useful particularly for those that need to build rich posts without knowledge of code or custom HTML, expanding WordPress’ capabilities to all.  

Here are five particular reasons why Gutenberg is revolutionary for its users.

  1. Boost UX: Being able to design and customise a site has never been simpler than with Gutenberg. Its block libraries allow agencies to slot predefined content accordingly to build attractive and dynamic pages without hassle. With that basis, complexity can be built up with greater freedom, and without the platform’s UX being sacrificed.  
  2. Swift implementation: In the past, making important changes to a webpage lied with altering minute details by hand. The Gutenberg builder instead simplifies the process of implementing content using drag and drop functionality. Developers can make changes in a matter of minutes instead of hours. 
  3. Instant WordPress optimisation: Also customisable through Gutenberg are WordPress’ repository of themes. Creating stunning WordPress sites from the get-to is easy, including the tailored elements that clients love which can be personalised further accordingly. 
  4. SEO friendliness: With WordPress’ intuitive SEO tools and plugins, agencies have the power to boost their search engine page ranking with optimised WordPress layouts, all without having to learn code from scratch.  
  5. Mobile-friendly design: Omni-channel marketing is a must to provide the same user experience to customers on many devices. Gutenberg’s mobile-friendly responsive designs are as sophisticated as their website version, with WordPress developers able to replicate complex pages for mobile screens with added ease and efficiency.  

Not only will WordPress agencies benefit from Gutenberg, but with added personalisation benefits for the end user, it’s a no brainer to embrace WordPress’ new block-builder.  

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