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The static site generator that works directly from your Dropbox

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Up and running in three easy steps


Sign in with Dropbox


Sign in with your Dropbox account, no extra passwords. We then ask permission to create a folder to store your sites.

Relax. We are not able to access other files in your Dropbox.

Create your site


Enter your email and site name and will set up an example site in the Apps folder of your Dropbox.

You can now preview your site. Your preview site changes in seconds when you edit your files on Dropbox.


Publish your site


When your site is as you want it, publish it and it will be available at Custom domains are coming soon.

Creating a new page is as easy as creating a new file in your Dropbox.
Start editing your site in under a minute!


All you need to create an awesome website


Write your own layout and stylesheet or install one of the beautifully designed themes from our knowledge base. You can reuse your layout on all your pages.


Write your content using Markdown. Writing this way is flexible, precise and distraction free. Creating headings, links and tables is a breeze.

Live preview

Whenever you change a file in your Dropbox, your preview site will update automatically. When everything is as you want it, publish to your live site in one click.

Powerful tags provides tags for adding columns, images, forms, and much more. Check out one of the themes to see what's available. Your initial site has clear examples of how to use tags.

Search Engine Optimized is very search engine friendly. You can even set a meta description for every page in your site. This is the first step to becoming the top hit on Google.

More coming soon

We are continuously working on Two features we have planned are custom themes and blogging. Visit our feedback forum to see more and vote!


Your initial sites comes with the Unison theme. You can easily install another from our Knowledge Base.






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Plans & pricing

Create multiple sites with your account and pick a plan for each one

Starter site


Up to five pages
Subdomain at

Professional site

$ 10 /mo

Unlimited pages *
Connect your own domain

* A fair use policy applies; nobody needs thousands of pages. is free up to five pages!

Team is built by two friends from the Netherlands. We'd love to hear what you think about our product.

Stefan Henzen

Co-founder and all round web developer working on anything from devops to marketing to Dropbox integration.

Stefan Kroes

Co-founder and all round web developer working on anything from design and interface to end user features.